The Real Active Noise Cancelling Technology with Bluetooth 5.0

Kryptic's goal has always been to set sound free, by creating wireless technology that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Everything we make is the result of our ceaseless passion for engineering and design. Whether smart speakers or noise-canceling headphones, we innovate and push wireless potential to its limits, in order to create rich, pure sound. Sound that we bring to life with timeless, American design. 

The T-30 Active noise cancelling

Our goal in 2016 was simple. Get real on active noise cancelling technology. No excuses and buts!

After 3 years of assembling acoustic, electronic and mechanical engineers,this is the result. At true masterpiece as our fans call it. From design, to engineering and manufacturing, we really poured it on.

The T-30 delivers via the latest high-fidelity Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, embedded with A2DP, AVRCP, aptx and aptx low latency technology for quality streaming and dual device connections.

Welcome to the real active noise canceling revolution with the T-30 headphones by Kryptic

30 hours

Listen to sound, your way and ignore the haters