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The Real Active Noise Cancelling Technology with Bluetooth 5.0

Kryptic's goal has always been to set sound free, by creating wireless technology that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Everything we make is the result of our ceaseless passion for engineering and design. Whether smart speakers or noise-canceling headphones, we innovate and push wireless potential to its limits in order to create rich-pure sound. 

Kryptic T-30

Active Noise Cancelling headphones 




Kryptic T-30

Active Noise Cancelling headphones 



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What is in the box?

HIGHLIGHTED features in the kryptic technology


Bt csr8675 chip set

aptx HD, aptX LL, aptX, AAC.


Superior battery

30 hours battery life after full charge. Full charge in 3 hours. Quick 20 mins charge will last 3 hours


active noise cancelling

Blocks 98% surrounding noise up 36dB

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Touch control

3D touch pad control.

Swipe left -right, down up for desired playback experience 

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Proximity sensors

Pause/play audio when you remove headphone or put it back on .

Listen to sound, your way and ignore the haters 

The T-30 delivers via the latest high-fidelity Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.1 chipset through an active A.I technology to deliver a specialized music experience. 

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KNowing my battery level keeps me going
Swipe, Tap, Press
August 29, 2018 4_30-6_00 PM Room 204 (2
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Customer Product Review Instagram Post D

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